India Alternative Medicine and Herbal Products Market is Expected to Reach INR 660 Billion in Future

In India, people are becoming more aware about the potency and side effect of synthetic drugs and have been showcasing an inclination towards natural product remedies with a basic approach towards the nature. Even though traditional alternative medicine and herbal health care products are viewed as an important part of the healthcare sector, yet in India, it still remains as an underutilized method of treatment against various diseases and for personal care products. Historically, products which are derived from natural extracts comes with the sole basis for the treatment of human diseases, however, due to rising industrialization and changing lifestyles, the people used to prefer allopathic medicines over the natural and herbal methods of treatments.

In India, most of the practitioner’s of traditional and herbal medicines prepare their own formulation for treatment of various diseases. Dietary supplements made from herbal extracts and medicinal plants are also gaining immense popularity, especially among the working class population. These are such supplements which are intended to supplement an individual’s diet and contain one or more dietary ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural extracts. These herbal and natural products are sold in various forms such as fresh or dried products, liquid or solid extracts, tablets, capsules and others. The India herbal products market comprises of herbal hair care, herbal skin care, herbal oral care and other products such as digestive remedies, Chyawanprash and balms. Dabur, Himalaya Drug Company, Patanjali, Baidyanath and Emami are the leading players in the alternative market and herbal products industry.

The companies in this segment are heavily investing in research and are coming up with new innovative products. For instance, Patanjali is one of the emerging companies in the country and is continuously focusing on expanding the product line of herbal products.

The greater emphasis on consuming medicines having less or no side effects is expected to create strong demand for alternative medicines and herbal products in the country. AYUSH medicines are the best preventive medicines, as they don’t have any harmful effects and are also cheaper than other medicines.

The personal care product manufacturing companies are viewing herbal products as a point of differentiation and are continuously foraying into the herbal personal care market with variety of ayurvedic and herbs based hair care, skin care and FMCG products which cater to specific needs of the customers.

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