Saudi Cabinet welcomes Saudi-US path for enhancing security and prosperity

By rbksa

Tue, 2017-05-30 13:41

JEDDAH: The Saudi cabinet on Monday welcomed the Saudi-US commitment to the decades long relationship between the two nations, enhancing stability, security and prosperity.
On the joint communique issued after US President Donald Trump’s state visit to the Kingdom, the cabinet appreciated the common stance on confronting mutual foes.
The cabinet, chaired by King Salman, said the agreement aims to deepen existing ties between the longstanding allies and seeks to build a strategic path to peace and prosperity for the 21st century.
The Joint Saudi-American Strategic Vision carves out a new path towards a Middle East that enjoys peace and shows the two country’s resolve to bolster security and counter extremism discourse and funding, in addition to cementing defense cooperation, the cabinet said.
The statement cast emphasis on fighting terrorism, by all means, and agreement on the necessity to contain Iran’s nefarious interventions, in the internal affairs of other countries and igniting sectarian seditions, backing up of terrorism and armed proxies and its wrongdoings to destabilize nations, in the region, adding that Iran’s interference poses a threat to regional as well as world security.

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