Ex-teacher, who killed 2 in Riyadh, still at large

By rbksa

Mohammed Rasooldeen
Fri, 2017-06-02 06:00

RIYADH: The killer of two Kingdom School employees remains at large Thursday following Wednesday’s shooting.
The assailant, a former teacher of the school, shot and killed maintenance supervisor Abdul Aziz, a Saudi, and Vice Principal Abdullah Maaj, a Palestinian-American.
Police have not come out with an official report about the incident. It was learned the killer continues to elude arrest.
A Bangladesh worker who attempted to stop the fleeing killer was injured during a fray and is under medical treatment.
Kingdom School officials said the killer was a former teacher who had been fired four years ago due to anger issues and an unstable personality.
School sources ruled out terrorism. The suspect was an Iraqi national.
The school, a co-educational institution, is run by GEMS Global Network of schools owned and operated by the Kingdom Holding Co.
The school is closed for summer vacation.

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