Over 1.6 million e-fingerprint operations activated in 1,088 courts

By rbksa

Sun, 2017-06-04 03:00

RIYADH: Over 1.6 million electronic fingerprint operations were activated in 1,088 courts and notaries Kingdom-wide in the past 18 months, the Ministry of Justice said.
The fingerprint system aims to ensure the identity of beneficiaries of the e-powers of authority, e-real estate wealth and e-court systems, according to a Ministry statement.
Abdulrahman bin Nouh, undersecretary minister for judiciary affairs, said the application of the e-fingerprint system in judiciary units is considered an added asset.
He said the service has been activated to facilitate measures for beneficiaries of the courts. The electronic fingerprint is considered one of the most important means of countering impersonation crimes, he said.
Beneficiaries can now document any judiciary transaction through the e-fingerprint system.
He said the application of e-fingerprint system in courts and notaries comes in line with substantial development in the use of technology in judicial circles and reduction of previous traditional work through a proper electronic system.

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