12 held over attempts to smuggle hashish into KSA

By rbksa

Mon, 2017-06-05 03:00

JEDDAH: Patrols by Saudi Arabia’s Border Guards have thwarted attempts to bring 326 kilograms of hashish into the south of the Kingdom, with 12 smugglers arrested during the first week of Ramadan.
Border Guards Spokesman Marine Col. Saher bin Mohammed Al-Harbi said several attempts to smuggle hashish had been foiled in the area.
“The security forces of the Border Guards spotted persons coming from Yemen who tried to infiltrate Saudi territory through Jazan, Najran and Asir. Their intentions were to smuggle narcotics to target our children during the holy month of Ramadan. Border forces firmly and strictly handled the situation, and their efforts resulted in arresting five persons of Ethiopian nationality, four Saudis and three Yemenis. A quantity amounting to 325.95 kilograms of hashish was found in their possession,” said the spokesman.
He added that the appropriate security procedures were taken against them and the confiscated narcotics, in collaboration with other security bodies.

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