Nebras launches program to warn youth on harmful drug effects

By rbksa

Mon, 2017-06-05 03:00

RIYADH: The National Project for Combating Drugs (Nebras) has launched an awareness project to help protect young people from the harmful effects of drugs.
The project, Nibras Al-Khair Program, is implemented in 32 of the largest mosques for 11 days in local regions and governorates to raise awareness for citizens with the participation of 128 callers. The program focuses on promoting values, strengthening religious awareness and preventing young people from falling into the use of narcotics.
In addition, the program also activates the roles of mosques in educating society about the harmful effects of drugs, promoting social and moral values, and strengthening the religious aspect of youth.
It also warns against the dangers of narcotics through cultural competitions, dealing with the effects of drug abuse and promoting the social and moral values of Muslims.
Abdul Ilah bin Mohammed Al-Sharif, Nebras secretary-general, said the cultural competitions are part of the project’s plans to raise awareness of drugs preventive programs.
Mosques involved in the program were chosen according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance. Mosques should be close to the city center or the governorate for easy access and should be able to accommodate attendees.
Nebras’ activities include a workshop for the imams and preachers of the mosques participating in the meetings of the committee’s secretariat, which will provide detailed explanation of the programs of the forums.

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