10 jailed after counterfeit detergent factory bust

By rbksa

Fri, 2017-06-09 03:00

RIYADH: A criminal court in Riyadh has jailed 10 people for a total of 90 months, after they were convicted of running an illegal factory producing counterfeit detergents.
Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) confirmed each convict received a sentence of between six to 18 months and a SR100,000 ($26,700) fine.
The gang was made up of a one Saudi, two Syrians, two Ethiopians, and five Ethiopian women. All nine foreign convicts will be deported once they have served their jail terms.
The 10 were convicted of commercial fraud, setting up an unlicensed factory where they produced counterfeit detergents, and of using forged trademarks to deceive consumers into thinking they were buying top-quality goods.
In a statement the MCI emphasized its ongoing efforts to protect consumers, prevent the violation of anti-commercial fraud laws and the abuse of the trademark system.
The statement added “all legal measures would be taken against violators who try to deceive consumers, which posed risks to health and safety.”

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