Denmark to undertake initiatives to support Vision 2030

By rbksa

Rodolfo C. Estimo Jr.
Fri, 2017-06-09 03:00

RIYADH: Danish Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen on Thursday said new initiatives will be undertaken and four delegations will visit the Kingdom in the next few months as part of Denmark’s support for Vision 2030.
The envoy made the announcement as he prepares to leave the Kingdom for his new posting in the Czech Republic after four years as ambassador in Saudi Arabia.
“Various new initiatives and delegations in support of Vision 2030 have been prepared to take place later in the year,” said Frijs-Madsen.
These will “focus on health care, dairy, aquaculture and aviation. These are areas that support the Kingdom to develop new industries and jobs,” he added.
“Sustainable growth and creating new Saudi business sectors go hand in hand with Danish tradition and our strong knowledge-based competencies.”
The Danish Chamber of Industries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Council of Saudi Chambers as a result of a Saudi delegation that recently visited Denmark, he said.
In the last three years, the embassy has put more than 200 Danish companies in touch with various Saudi officials and companies.
“Denmark can play a key role and offer strategic partnerships in all major parts of Vision 2030,” the ambassador said.
Denmark and Saudi Arabia are also cooperating in other sectors. “Promoting tolerance and combatting extremism are shared Danish-Saudi priorities,” he said.
“We are very attentive to the needs of Saudi society, its people and its companies. This is why we have stepped up delegation visits to the Kingdom and Denmark.”
Last year, the Danish Embassy executed the biggest ever royal visit and trade delegation to the Kingdom.
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary headed a delegation with three Danish ministers and representatives from more than 40 companies.
“More than 25 events were held in the Saudi capital over three days,” the Danish ambassador said.
The embassy recently hosted a key event with Danish firm Saxo Bank that focused on the finance sector with the presence of major investors, companies and heads of financial institutes in Saudi Arabia, he added.
“I will be looking back on a very important period in recent Saudi history. An ambitious and necessary reform program has been launched by the Saudi leadership,” he said.
“It will be interesting to follow its continued implementation from my new posting abroad. Saudi Arabia has been a very hospitable country for me and my family. We will keep excellent memories from our stay here.”
The envoy takes up his new position as Danish ambassador in Prague on Sept. 1.

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