Japanese ambassador hosts iftar for Saudi university alumni

By rbksa

Wed, 2017-06-14 03:00

RIYADH: In a celebration of the ongoing Ramadan spirit, Japanese Ambassador Norihiro Okuda and his wife Keiko Okuda hosted an iftar party for Saudi graduates of universities in Japan, along with their family members.
“The ambassador of Japan and his wife invited alumni of Japanese universities and their families for an iftar party at their residence,” a Japanese embassy spokesman said Tuesday.
He added that more than 35 male and female alumni attended the iftar with their family members to make it a memorable occasion.
The Japanese ambassador highlighted in a statement the importance of ongoing excellent bilateral cooperation with Saudi Arabia across various fields, including in cultural and educational areas.
Referring to the invigorated relationship between Japan and Saudi Arabia, Okuda said a number of cooperation projects are ongoing, including those in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to deliver on Japanese commitment toward the ambitious plan, which aims to diversify the Saudi economy.
The Japanese envoy expressed his appreciation for the rich contribution by Saudi alumni of Japanese universities in the ongoing rapid development of the Kingdom.
“After pursuing higher studies in Japan, now they are back to serve the homeland and symbolically bridging the two countries, playing pivotal roles in bolstering the bilateral relation regardless of their fields,” said Okuda.

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