Saudi artists display their works in unique Islamic art expo

By rbksa

Fouzia Khan
Tue, 2017-06-13 03:00

JEDDAH: The works of artists from across the Kingdom are on display at the Nesma Art Gallery in an Islamic art exhibition in Jeddah. The exhibition is meant to reflect the cultural diversity and true soul of Islam.
Inspired by the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, the paintings depict Islamic community life, culture and heritage. Many of the works contain Islamic calligraphy and offer a message of peace.
The exhibition will remain open for visitors throughout Ramadan.
Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki, chairman of Nesma Holding Co., said he believes it is a real achievement to feature myriad types of Islamic artwork by Arab and Saudi artists under one roof.
The works on display reflect the depth of the human soul and the link between Allah and the Holy Qur’an. Many of the paintings are clearly focused on the cultural traditions and civilization of Saudi Arabia and Islam, to emphasize how the country and its people have developed within the bounds of religion.
Mohammed Al-Ablan, an artist whose works have been exhibited around the world, said the exhibition has brought together artists from different schools of arts and their participation confirms that each artist has his own view.
Ola Hejazi, who is among the participating artists, told Arab News that most of the paintings depict the Holy Qur’an and mosques, and each artist has done this through their own distinct perspective.
“My painting shows my vision; Islam is not only about mosques, but also in making Dua’a (supplication) to Allah. So the girl in my painting is making Dua’a, which represents a simple and regular Muslim who can be anyone,” she said.

She explained that her painting also presented people who isolate themselves from the crowd and spend time in repentance, Dua’a is the most powerful way to connect to the Almighty.
She said some of the artists chose to write verses of the Quran but for her, presenting Dua’a is a spiritual feeling.
“It’s a secret only Allah knows, for he is aware of what’s inside our hearts,” she added.

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