Saudi navy has foiled terror attack on offshore oilfield — SPA

By rbksa

Muhammad Al-Sulami
Mon, 2017-06-19 09:00

JEDDAH: The Saudi Royal Navy has thwarted an attempted terrorist attack on a major offshore oilfield in the Arabian Gulf, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said on Monday.
Quoting an “official source”, the SPA report said just after midnight on June 16, 2017, three boats bearing flags in white and red flags rushed to the Marjan offshore oil field off the Eastern Province.
The navy fired warning shots but were these were ignored by the assault boats, the report said.
It said one of the boats was subsequently seized and found to be “carrying weapons for a sabotage target.” The other two boats escaped.
The report did not say who the navy suspected to be behind the attack.
Earlier, the Iranian media claimed that tSaudi border guards had fired on two boats washed away by water to the area close to one of the oil platforms near the maritime border, adding that the commander of one of the two boats was killed.
The man’s son, who was with him, was able to survive and deliver his father’s body this morning to ⁧Bushehr, while the fate the other boat is still unknown, the reports said..
In April, Saudi security forces said they thwarted an attempted attack on an oil distribution center involving an unmanned boat from Yemen loaded with explosives.

(Additional input by AP)

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