Madinah’s Al-Ghars Well beckons with its rich history

By rbksa

Yusuf Mohammed
Tue, 2017-06-20 02:43

MADINAH: Fouad Al-Maghmasi, a researcher on the history of Madinah, said Al-Ghars Well is one of the landmarks of Madinah that has been linked to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
It is located 1,500 meters northeast of Masjid Quba on Qirban Road near Dar Al-Hijrah Schools.
The Prophet drank from it and bathed in its water. He once told Ali ibn Abu Talib that he wanted to be bathed with its water after his demise: “When I die, wash me with seven water skins from Al-Ghars Well.”
Al-Ghars Well is considered one of the historical landmarks of Madinah which is visited by pilgrims and those concerned with the Prophet’s biography.

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