Ken Research is the global publisher of market intelligence and equity research reports, based in India. The company is engaged in providing market research reports on various verticals such as IT and IT Enabled Services, Automotive and Transportation, Media and Entertainment, Consumer Products and Retail and others.
Some of the major research fields and market research reports include:

Banking, Financial Services and insurance (BFSI) – Industry Research Reports on Insurance (Life, Health, Motor, Property, Casualty, Marine and other general insurance) and reinsurance industry, banknote and ATM industry.
Agriculture, Food & Beverages – Detailed analysis on Milk and Dairy Products Industry, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage market, Seed industry, fertilizer market, Organic food, agricultural equipment and crop protection.
Education – Insights on pre-primary, childcare, primary, secondary, higher education, e-learning and teacher training market across major geographies such as UK, US, Poland, India, Japan, South Africa and Global.
Healthcare – Medical Imaging Industry and numerous reports on nutritional and dietary supplement, Pharmaceutical industry, animal health care industry Health and wellness industry across major countries such as India, US, UK, China and others.

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